Development of manganin pressure gauge resistance

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Development of manganin pressure gauge resistance

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Development of manganin resistance pressure gauge: manganin resistance under pressure, there is a good linear relationship between the pressure and the resistance value, the sensitivity of the high manganese copper pressure, pressure resistance coefficient, so the material for the production of a manganin pressure sensor special. The manganese copper wire wound into a helical spring, fixed in the spiral groove of the support frame and the welding electrode made of manganin sensor, then the sensing element and the insulating laminated into the high-pressure high temperature resistant insulated wire seat with corrugated pipe connecting piece over the sensor element and welded with wire holder, sensing element isolation structure formed by. Vacuum oil filling and packaging technology, produce pressure sensing element assembly in the compression shell。

Manganin resistance in isolation before packaging, the sensing element at 140 DEG C, annealing treatment, the sensing element resistance stability under standard conditions, reduce the zero drift; then processing overvoltage sensing elements are arranged on a higher pressure container for 1400MPa pressure sensor, improve the piezoresistance linearity, decrease the delay in use the pressure range of elasticity, improve the measurement accuracy of manganin resistance。



Manganin resistance pressure gauge is mainly used for measuring and monitoring of high pressure in the defense industry and other industries. The manganese copper resistance pressure sensor developed ultra high pressure resistance manganin high accuracy, mainly used for standard instruments of ultra high pressure metering, hydraulic pressure medium for high pressure measuring instruments of measurement. In the experiment, the first selection of alloy steel 40CrNiMoA and 40CrMnSiMoVA as the shell material, and the reasonable heat treatment process, according to the tensile strength, yield strength and fracture toughness, strength through theoretical calculation, design a rational structure of the compression shell, reduces the design size and improve the reliability; secondly, the production method of manganin pressure sensor。

After the test of ultra high voltage isolation type manganin pressure resistance of the gauge accuracy of better than 0.1 years, the stability is better than that of 0.1%FS, to establish a high pressure measurement of the transfer standard requirements. The new type of manganin resistance pressure gauge can be used to measure the pressure monitoring and parameters of ultra high pressure standard, improve the accuracy and reliability of the reference parameter determination。

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