What the electric energy meter for manganin resistance measurement chip is?

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What the electric energy meter for manganin resistance measurement chip is?

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Electric energy meter manganin resistance sampling for measuring chip is a current signal, because of his good stable performance, stable resistance manganin resistance meter is so selected as the original current sampling, which is in series with a load loop, to calculate the loop current by detecting the voltage thereon. Electric energy meter manganin resistance sampling for measuring chip is the voltage signal or current signal。

   The sampling resistance is generally divided into plug resistance and patch resistance according to the requirements of specific circuit board. Sampling resistance, low resistance, high precision, generally in the precision of the resistance is within + 1%, and the 0.01% precision resistance will be used when the demand is higher. The factory production mostly, for plug-in manganin constantan resistance material, however, the majority of users is in need of more high precision resistance patch to achieve sampling function, which is to satisfy the automation miniaturization product production requirements. It is not common for manufacturers to meet the resistance of users at low temperature coefficient, high precision and ultra-low resistance。


Manganin resistance of single intelligent electric energy meter, are four ports, two, two, zero line line into electric energy meter, it is a three, 24, internal power meter is a metering unit, I simply tell you about the measurement unit, the input. The voltage and current measurement, it is not possible to exchange 220 voltage into the metering unit, so in 13, through a resistor divider network series, equivalent, equivalent to 220V AC voltage signal small give metering unit, metering unit has two channels (A, B) A channel B is the input voltage, input current, current sampling by manganese copper, then give the measurement unit B channel measurement chip is a digital analog converter chip, by measuring the 13 input 24 output load is measured and current is the formation of a loop。

   General manganin resistance will be selected in less than 1 ohm, which belongs to the milliohm level without a sense of resistance, but partial resistance, a voltage sampling requirements, must choose high resistance, but this resistance base, produce large error. In this case, it is necessary to choose high-precision non inductive resistance (to 0.01% accuracy, or 1/10000 accuracy), so that the sampled data can be trusted very much. Patch super low resistance resistor (0.0005 ohms, 2 milliohms, 3 milliohms, 10 millieu, etc.), chip alloy resistance, high power resistance (20W, 30W, 35W, 50W, 100W) and other products, the temperature coefficient can reach positive or negative 5PPM。

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